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Take the beauty of dried naturals  and create 
something lovely for the perfect fall accent.
Tiny clay pots blend beautifully with miniature
corn cobs and strawflowers.

One grapevine wreath, 15" dia
One, 2 1/2" clay pot
Two, 2" clay pots
Brown Spanish moss
Sheet moss
Dried wheat
One miniature Indian corn cob
Dried strawflowers in assorted colors
Jute twine
White globe heads
Yellow candy tuff
Twelve miniature pine cones
Seven or eight strands of natural raffia
Three strands of orange raffia
Hot glue gun with glue sticks

1. Glue sheet moss and Spanish moss onto front surface of wreath as desired.
2. Using short lengths of jute twine, tie wheat into four bundles (about 10 steams each). 
Using scissors, trim the wheat stalks to desired length (ends should be about 3" long).
3. Referring to the photograph, glue three bundles of wheat onto the bottom of the wreath.
4. Glue the corn cob into the 2 1/2" clay pot. Glue the pot onto the bottom of the wreath in
the center of the wheat bundles. Allow glue to set.
5. Glue the remaining two clay pots onto each side of the wreath. Allow glue to set.
6. Glue the strawflowers, candy tuff, globe heads, and pine cones onto the wreath as desired.
7. Glue the remaining wheat bundle to the top center front, Trim ends to about 2".

8. Holding the strands of natural raffia together, tie into a bow. Glue the bow onto the top 
wheat bundle.
9. Holding the strands of orange raffia together, tie into a smaller bow. Glue this bow on top 
of the natural raffia bow.
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The Ultimate Wreath Book : Hundreds of Beautiful Wreaths to Make from Natural Materials 
by Ellen Spector Platt, Ellen Scpector Platt
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Avcreating a full array of elegant wreaths for every occasion and every season features projects for both fresh and dried flailable in paperback for the first time, this guide for owers and herbs, and includes 142 color photos to guide even the novice wreath maker to success. 
Featuring flowers and herbs both fresh and dried, this book shows readers how to make beautiful hanging arrangements for every season. Includes step-by-step methods on making wreaths on different types of bases, stimulating ideas for choosing materials and making variations, and "ready to hang".
The Book of Country Herbal Crafts/a Step-By-Step Guide to Making over 100 Beautiful Wreaths, Garlands, Bouquets-And Much More 
by Dawn Cusick
Here is a step-by-step guide to making over 100 beautiful wreaths, garlands, bouquets, and much more, with easy-to-follow directions and full color illustrations. 
Includes plans for six herb gardens, information on growing, harvesting, and working with herbs, and an encyclopedia of common herbs and their uses. 130 color photographs. 100 illustrations. 
Great American Wreaths : The Best of Martha Stewart Living 
by Martha Stewart, Hannah Miliman, William Abranowicz (Photographer)
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Both a how-to craft book and a decorating guide, Wreaths offers 51 projects for delightful wreaths, complete with step-by-step instructions -- honoring the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Designed for use throughout the year, these wreaths are made from materials inspired by their locations: i.e. an oak leaf and acorn wreath as a homage to the nation's capital; cranberries for Massachusetts; and golden wheat to symbolize Oklahoma. Full color. 
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