The Woman In Me - Shania Twain 
Click here to find out more THE WOMAN IN ME won a 1996 Grammy Award for Best Country Album. "Any Man Of Mine" was nominated for Grammys for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song. 
Shania Twain was nominated for the Grammy for Best New Artist. 

The Woman in Me


Come On Over - Shania Twain 
Click to find out more Following her smash hit The Woman In Me was no easy task for Shania Twain and husband/producer Mutt Lange. With Come On Over the sexy vixen of modern country has carved out a bigger niche for herself that is sure to please her growing throng of fans. With a huge helping of rock and roll added to her country trimmings, Twain proves her success has been no fluke. As a rule, she goes out of her way to break the traditional Nashville mold. Even her songwriting skills are at the forefront; Shania and Mutt co-wrote all the songs on this collection. 

Man! I Feel Like A Woman!


Shania Twain - Shania Twain 
Click here to find out more Now from north of the 49th parallel comes Shania Twain, even if her debut is firmly in the modern Nashville mould that's rather bigger on ballads than actual emotion. Still, there's a folksy edge to her voice which can turn appealingly blue on Forget Me and Got A Hold On Me, while There Goes The Neighbourhood and the delightful Dance With The One That Brought You suggest that she could go the distance, given the right songs.


Faith Hill's third album, simply titled FAITH, amounts to nothing less than an artistic reinvention. Hill,  not a writer herself, has chosen a collection of well-crafted, weighty songs designed to show off her substantial vocal chops to fullest effect. Songs from top Nashville writers like Matraca Berg, Gretchen Peters and Beth Neilsen Chapman are included, but so is material from rockers Aldo Nova and Sheryl  Crow. Such diversity adds up to a wide range of styles, all of which Hill handles effortlessly. 

This Kiss,You Give Me Love, Let Me Let Go,Love Ain't Like That, Better Days, My Wild Frontier 
The Secret Of Life, Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me,Me, I Love You, The Hard Way, 
Somebody Stand By Me
 You Give Me Love


Jewel's debut album, Pieces of You, reveals a special voice--strong and focused on both the 
whispery verses and the hooky choruses. The recording also exposes an unfortunate tendency to 
present trite, hackneyed sentiments as if they were oracular visions from a young prophet to a jaded 
world. For the most part, Jewel sings to her own acoustic guitar accompaniment, but she has a lot 
more in common with, say, the Indigo Girls or Lisa Loeb than with Judy Collins or Nanci Griffith. 
Despite her soft soprano and pretty melodies, her songs have an iconoclastic edge which make her 
more of an unplugged alternative rocker than a folkie. Her songs too often betray their origins as 
written verse in their hard-to-sing meters, unmusical phrasing, and diary-like pronouncements. 
Nonetheless, a few numbers, such as "Morning Song" and "You Were Meant for Me," show a 
spark of humor about romance, and hint that Jewel may yet write songs worthy of her remarkable 
voice. --Geoffrey Himes 

Who Will Save Your Soul,Pieces Of You, Little Sister, Foolish Games, Near You Always 
Painters, Morning Song, Adrian, I'm Sensitive,You Were Meant For Me, Don't, Daddy 
Angel Standing By, Amen 
 Who Will Save Your Soul 

The Greatest Hits Collection

As a superstar who's revered by both the young country audience and traditionalists, Alan Jackson 
is at his finest when he's steers clear of trifles like "Chattahoochie" and takes those younger fans to 
school. Here he does just that by paying respects to Hank ("Midnight In Montgomery"), swearing 
allegiance to George Jones ("Don't Rock The Jukebox"), and calling out all those newcomers 
who've decided it's time to get twangy now that country's hot ("Gone Country"). All of it pales next 
to "Here In The Real World," however, as perfect a honky tonk weeper as mainstream Nashville 
has produced in 30 years. 

Chatahoochie, Gone Country, She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues), Midnight In Montgomery 
Tall Tall Trees,  Chasin' That Neon Rainbow, I'll Try, Don't Rock The Juke Box, Livin' On Love, 
Summertime Blues, Love's Got A Hold On You, (Who Says) You Can't Have It All, Home, Wanted 
I Don't Even Know Your Name, Dallas,  Here In The Real World, Someday,  Mercury Blues 
I'd Love You All Over Again 
. Chatahoochie

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