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Bring the garden indoors with this lovely floral fan. The splendor of autumn palette is reflected in this beautiful arrangement.
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9" fan base
25 to 30 sprigs of statice (various colors)
7 to 10 strawflowers
10 to 15 sprigs of mauve and burgundy baby's breath
24" of 3" wide tapestry ribbon
Floral wire
Hot glue gun and glue sticks 
1. Begin by attaching enough sprigs of statice to cover the top 3" of the base. Be sure to leave at least a 2" stem on each sprig. The stems can be trimmed further once the glue has dried. 
2. Layer the strawflowers over any remaining stems of the statice, creating a 2" band and covering any holes or stems.
3. Attach the baby's breath throughout the entire base as accents and where needed to fill in. 
4. With ribbon, tie a bow and glue below the last row of flowers. 
5. If necessary, use hairdryer on the lowest setting to remove any glue on the lowest setting to remove any glue hairs.
6. Add a hook to the back of the base by cutting a 5" piece of floral wire and tying it in a loop to the back. 
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Floralcrafts : 50 Extraordinary Gifts and Projects, Step-By-Step 
by Gillian Souter, Catherine Lawrence
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Introducing creative ways for handling and making gifts with flowers, this guide explains how to prepare and dry flowers. Projects include Christmas decorations, table settings, beauty creams, garlands, picture frames, baskets, hair decorations, bookmarks, greeting cards, cake decorations, topiary balls, and edible preserves. Color photos and patterns throughout. 
Gifts from the Herb Garden 
by Emelie Tolley, Chris Mead, Emilie Tolley 
Click here to find out more The award-winning authors of Cooking with Herbs and Herbs (the #5 all-time bestselling hardcover gardening book) now show their readers how to bring the beauty and fragrance of the herb garden indoors all year long. Serial rights to Woman's Day. 130 full-color photographs. 
Green Witchcraft : Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft
by Aoumiel, Ann Mooura 
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Very little has been written about traditional family practices of the Old Religion simply because such information has not been offered for popular consumption. Green Witchcraft meets readers' needs for a practice based in family and natural Witchcraft traditions. This practical traces the historic and folk background of this path and teaches its practical techniques. Illustrations. 
Dried Flowers for All Seasons : A Complete Guide to Selecting, Drying, and Arranging Flowers Throughout the Year
by Jenny Raworth, Susan Berry, Mike Newton (Photographer) 

Organized by season, a complete, practical guide to drying and arranging flowers features more than twenty carefully explained projects and visual reference guides to flowers and foliage by color. 
Offering more than 20 carefully explained seasonal projects, including Easter baskets, summer welcome wreaths, and Christmas centerpieces, this practical guide shows how to create the sort of eye-pleasing dried flower arrangements that add color and beauty to homes, any time of the year. Over 360 color illustrations and photos. 

Burpee American Gardening Series: Dried Flowers
by Martha E. Kraska 
Nearly 80 percent of all flowers can be preserved indefinitely--happy news for the thousands of fans of dried flower crafts. This new volume describes more than 65 of the finest flowering plants and grasses for drying. Gardeners will find advice on what to plant and how best to care for the plant. 129 full-color photos. 
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